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Tarzana Montessori Preschool

Tarzana Montessori preschool, Montessori on the Blvd., provides a challenging and rewarding experience for your preschool child. Our preschool classrooms are for children ages 2 years to 4 years old. According to Dr. Maria Montessori, who developed the Montessori Method in the 1900’s, children within this age group have an absorbent mind, which is why it’s so crucial to nurture their development. Within each child, there lives a spark of potential greatness, nourished by the thrill of independent accomplishment. Through the Montessori school and our methodology, children will receive a challenging and inspiring curriculum with materials designed to nurture their natural curiosity to learn. Under the supervision of talented and experienced teachers, the children will continue to develop their physical, mental, spiritual and social skills. In addition, the teachers also work closely with the parents on continuing with other developmental benchmark life skills, such as potty training.

Through our developed nursery school curriculum, designed for the purpose of practical life adaptation, children will learn how to grow and gain independence. This goal is accomplished through the development of coordination and controlled movement which acclimates a child to his/her surroundings. Children learn how they contribute to society through the use of tasks like sweeping, dusting, polishing, washing, tying and buttoning. These exercises allow a child the experience to see the relationship between the prepared environment and the family environment. Our Tarzana Montessori preschool provides an unique learning experience based on supporting a child’s senses and giving him/her the freedom to explore as part of a prepared environment.

For more information, call us today at 818.881.8844.

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  • Tarzana Montessori School TestimonialMontessori on the Boulevard is home away from home for my child. Teachers are very nurturing and office staff are very easy to talk to. Montessori on the Boulevard lays a great foundation for any child to become a well rounded individual. SM
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